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Op-ed: How TRPA+luxury development is wrecking Tahoe

This Op-ed in the Tahoe Daily Tribune is heartbreaking.  Local opinions clearly do not matter to the Powers That Be when there are opportunities for developers - often outsiders - to profit on the backs of local residents and local small businesses. While the specific project that was approved is in Incline Village, it sets precedent for harm to communities on the California side. The nickname "Income Village" will soon expand beyond Incline to the rest of the Lake. If you thought crowding, traffic jams, trash/litter and no place for workers to live were problems, get ready for the situation to move to a higher, much more complicated level.

TRPA, the former environmental watchdog of the Tahoe Basin, is now clearly a pit bull for development. 
Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, "TRPA trashes Tahoe Area Plan, ignores serious public safety, environmental, wildfire concerns", Tahoe Daily Tribune, 07/05/2023
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