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Accountability/Transparency for Municipal Services

Counties are not compelled to account for how they invest revenue in a given unincorporated community’s municipal services. Basic accountability and transparency measures are needed so unincorporated residents and businesses can understand how their tax dollars are spent in the community and to enable advocacy for their interests.

If a County is making money providing servces to an unincorporated community, it should either improve its service delivery or return the profits to the residents of that community. If a County is losing money providing servces to an unincorporated community, it should get out of the way and let someone else do it.
Humboldt County Supervisor Steve Madrone

State legislation is needed to compel counties to account for revenue in each unincorporated community, to ensure that these revenues are not inappropriately subsidizing countywide responsibilities.

Garbage costs more in unincorporated Sacramento County than in its cities. The County does it itself in the unincorporated area. The cities contract for services - competition lowers rates and results in better service. Examples: Uninc County @ $37.59 for 60/gal/mo. Cities (Citrus Hts, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova) @ $30.84-33.52 for 64/gal/mo. That's 7% more capacity for  $49 to $81 less./yr. The County includes 1 annual bulk waste pickup in its rate vs. 3 in the city rates. The cities provide extra weekly leaf pickups in Nov & Dec. Elk Grove adds a free trip to the transfer station. Citrus Hts. & Rancho provide free compost.


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