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Solano County voter poll shows strong opposition to California Forever

Solano Together issued a press release yesterday that indicates Solano County voters are aware of the "California Forever" proposal and do not like it. The poll showed that if the election was held today, 70% of voters would say "no" to the project. Only 3% were undecided as to how they would vote. That means the billionaires' proposal has a big problem if they want their ballot measure to win in November.

Of course, as we have already pointed out, the billionaires are also engaged in (i.e. paying for) a workaround by hiring influential people at the state level to do their bidding, Remember, they have gobs and gobs of cash. So just because some silly voters in Solano County might hate the project, there's nothing to stop Sili Valley's big spenders from buying their way around a local election. Ultimately, the ony poll that matters is the one that is the outcome of the actual election. So, even though the current poll indicates failure for the proposal, you just never know for sure until the ballots are actually cast.

Bar chart showing opinions: 26% total yes, 70% total no, and 3% undecided.
Asked how they would vote on the proposal, Solano County voters gave a solid thumbs down to it
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