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KCRA does an infomercial about California Forever, as though it is news

KCRA3 "news" bubbled and gushed last night (5/16/24) about California Forever, the Sili Valley billionaires' scheme to tinker with the sticks of Solano County. Why? Because they got an "exclusive" look at "new renderings".  Hey, KCRA, here's a real news flash: renderings are promotional drawings - utterly fictional images. So either you got hypnotized by smooth talkers with pretty pictures or {...gasp...} you got paid to run the story.

Oh, sure, KCRA said "some" people are opposed. Could that be because putting 400,000 people in 78 square miles of rural Solano County, where there is no urban infrastructure, doesn't make sense? Or perhaps it's because its fantasy to believe the promise of "affordable" starter homes? Or maybe it's due to the total lack of a municipal governance structure, which will result in 400,000 people whose municipal services will wind up at the wrong end of the food chain within County Hall.

For clarity, 400,000 people living in a 78-acre site is a population density of 5,128 people per square mile. That's a wee bit less than San Jose's 2018 density of 5359/sqmi. By comparison, it sits between the Las Vegas metro area (5016/sqmi) and Honolulu (5886/sqmi). In other words, it's not a trivial development; neither superficial nor shallow.

But, boy-howdy, that KCRA piece was definitely superficial and shallow.

A couple walking a golden retriever on a dirt trail in a sunny, grassy woodland.
KCRA lovingly profiled CA Forever developer Jan Sramek, shown here with his wife and their dog. A comment on the KCRA Facebook post about it said  the promoters "used a shell company from the east coast to buy up all the land around Travis Air Force Base. They also sued the farm owners who refused to sell to them to force the sale."


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