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El Dorado Hills

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El Dorado Hills is a Census Designated Place in El Dorado County. El Dorado Hills is home to 51,000 people. By contrast, the county's only two cities - Placerville and South Lake Tahoe - have a combined population is 31,000.  Unlike the 51,000 people of El Dorado Hills, those 31,000 people in the county who happen to live in cities have Mayors and City Councils to focus on local priorities. Being on the bleeding edge of growth in the Sacramento Metro Region, El Dorado HIlls is easy prey for developers. The county has been all too eager to give the store away for revenue from any kind of large or significant development, without regard for the community's residents and businesses and the  impacts on the local infrastructure. For example, the county is in the process of seeking an Amazon warehouse. It makes no sense to truck goods miles uphill from airports in the flatlands in order to ship goods back to the flatlands at the rate of 2,000 truck trips per day and with related air emissions. Yet that's the kind of short-term, county-optimized thinking that drives what happens in El Dorado Hills. A new local control movement is now brewing in the community.

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