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Isla Vista

Isla Vista is a Census Designated Place of 15,000 residents in coastal Santa Barbara County. Being adjacent to the University of California Santa Barbara, Isla Vista has long been the locale for rental housing for students at the University. As such, it has been easily overlooked by the county Board of Supervisors for just about every other aspect of municipal services. In 2015 the state enacted a law that empowered Isla Vista to directly vote to create a Community Services District (CSD) with a broad mandate to fulfill municipal needs of the community. The voters approved formation of the CSD in 2016 and, in 2018, overwhelmingly approved a utility-user tax that raised funds for local services. A successful as the Isla Vista CSD has been in its tenure to date, the county Board of Supervisors continues to make key land use decisions that impact the community and controls the vast majority of the revenues that would otherwise flow to the community if it was a city.

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