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Readers of our web posts are invited to leave their thoughts on the wide array of content we publish by sending email to us at  Please keep in mind that our posts are about the plight of our unincorporated communities. Social media posts and replies can sometimes stray off-topic or descend into hostility, name-calling, political posturing, and the like. So comments submitted to us will be reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that the content of comments is free of discriminatory remarks and rhetoric, profanity, off-topic prose, and misinformation.

If you want to submit a comment in the form of a Letter to the Editor (LTE) please include your first and last name, say what part of the state you reside in, and give us an email address. We will not share your email address with anyone. If you do not want your last name published, please say so. In that case we will only publish your first name. The opinions and positions espoused in LTEs are yours, not ours. We want you to have a way to tell us what's on your mind.

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Let us hear from you!

If you wish to submit an opinion guest essay (what a newspaper would call an op-ed....a bit of prose about our communities' aspirations for local control that reads more like one of our posts than a comment to the editor) we would like to work with you about how to fit your piece into our online format. Please submit your draft text along with a graphic relevant to your text. We will not publish your essay until you have approved the final formatted version. Aside from reviewing your submittal as described in the first paragraph, above, your material will not be vetted by our editorial staff - say whatever you wish to say. When we do publish it, the content will be attributed to you. That's because, like LTEs, opinions and positions espoused in Guest Essays are not positions we have chosen to endorse. Instead we see the Guest Opinions section as a platform to facilitate a broadly-informed discussion.

If we decide on occasion to post an editorial about something going on with our quest, we will post it in this section of our web site and clearly label it as being our opinion. For those readers who might perceive a certain, shall we say, "slant" to our everyday writings across the site, please know we try to present material in a way that invites people to ponder the issues, discuss them with other people, and derive their own conclusions. Our editorials are not intended to be open-ended; they are instead designed to tell readers specifically where we stand.

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