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Winchester is a Census Designated Place in Riverside County on the leading edge of growth in the Inland Empire of the Southern California mega-metro. Its population has grown from 2500 in 2010 to 3200 at present - roughly the same amount of people as live in Sierra County. Sierra County is governed by 5 Supervisors and has its own Sheriff's Department as well as its own planning, public health and public works departments. Sierra County has 1 city, Loyalton - population 740. Loyalton has a Mayor and a City Council. Winchester has none of those advantages. It's government is 25 miles away, tending to the countywide needs of 2.5M people and the municipal service needs of 310,000 people who live in 46 unincorporated communities across California's 4th largest county. Winchester is at the wrong end of the food chain in Riverside County.

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