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McKinleyville has a population of 16,645, and is the third largest community in Humboldt County. It has a rural feel, yet is the fastest growing community in the county. McKinleyville has unsurpassed natural beauty: on it's western edge the Hammond Trail providing glimpses of ocean vistas, and access to both ocean and river. A community forest is being developed in the spruce and redwood forest to the east.  Influencing the consideration for incorporation are significant changes that will call on McKinleyville to expand housing and increase population:  the change of Humboldt State University to a Polytechnic University and a plan to significantly increase enrollment; a plan for offshore wind generation; rezoning of the McKinleyville Town Center to accommodate denser housing and mixed use. There are 7 cities in Humboldt County, ranging in population size from 26,513 (Eureka) to 311 (Trinidad). Each has a Mayor and a City Council to focus on their priorities. McKinleyville is governed by the County Board of Supervisors; law enforcement is provided by the County Sheriff and CA Highway Patrol, while McKinleyville Community Services District provides water, sewer, lighting, and parks. With significant changes influencing McKinlelyville, the time is ripe to consider local control  for more cohesive land use and transportation planning. 

May contain riverbank, plants, clouds
May contain roadway, pedestrian and bike path separated by landscaping
May contain: road, tarmac, intersection, traffic light, light, pickup truck, vehicle, truck, transportation, freeway, and car
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